Thursday, January 8, 2009

The above are two brand new bracelets that I created. I call this new class "Altered Treasures". The class will be offered at Bead Haven in Cedar Rapids on Jan. 22. I loved designing these bracelets because you can use a variety of small treasures that you have collected through the years. You know-- those little bits of things that you just can't throw away: a special button off a favorite childhood garment, or that one earring that belonged to your grandmother, a special coin from a vacation, a favorite one-of-a-kind orphan bead, or a component off a special toy that you cherished, numerous things we saved and are probably in a special box tucked away in the bureau or in your jewelry box. Why not display them in a special place of honor that you can wear? What a great way to enjoy them! What old treasures are waiting for you to "alter" into a new piece of art jewelry?

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