Saturday, September 5, 2009

Want one?

Earlier in the summer, our aunt shared with us her secret to the perfect kolache. What a nice day we had.


Alexandra said...

kolache are traditional sweet pastry in our country. Making of them is always great time for everybody. First, when they start wonderful smell all around the whole house during the baking and next, when they are not too hot and can be eaten :)

Have a nice day,

Jeanne Craine said...

Hi Alexandra, So wonderful to hear from you! As you might guess I am of Czechoslovakian decent. Have you heard of our community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? The National Czech and Slovak museum is located here. What town do you live in?

Jeanne Craine said...
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Alexandra said...

Hi Jeanne,
yes, the word kolache and ability to bake them is (for me) sign of Czech origin :)
A few months ago there was a small document on tv about Czech community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. So, I have some information about Czech Village, National muzeum and about people and their customs. It was very interesting for me.
I live in Prague, because of the work, but I come from Pardubice. Pardubice are town of ginger bread, steeplechase and speedway. And my mother comes from Kromeriz, which is situated in Southern Moravia. Her aunt made the same kolache as your aunt :)