Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today I taught two classes. The morning class was: Even Count Peyote class. I didn't have my camera at that time so I am sorry that I didn't get any pictures of Dell and Laurie's bracelets. Trust me-their bracelets were beautiful! The bracelets were made with multi-color, size 8/0 Delicas. This mother-daughter team is a riot to be around. It was Laurie's first time stitching with beading needle & beading thread and she did a beautiful job! Laurie is the proud mother of three and Dell is her mom and proud grandma! (Also, Dell is a fantastic cook, I must add, as I devoured several ginger snap cookies during class!)
My afternoon class was the Sidewinder bracelet. Stephanie finished her Sidewinder bracelet in class and her stunning Austrian crystal bracelet is pictured below. This photo really does not do her bracelet justice...sometimes I think the crystals just go crazy with sparkle when they are photographed! It's beautiful...great job, Stephanie!! (I was experimenting with some Czech firepolish glass and two different colors of 15/0 Miyukis-that's the Sidewinder on the right.

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